How  does equine acupuncture work.
It does not work via nerves or some physical chemical response.  Here is the best way I know to explain how it works. ...... feel it and you certainly know when it is not there. Within the body are also flowing airs. As you breath you are making them also ‘breath” and flow. You cannot see them. You cannot cut them and you cannot find them in a dead body.  As they flow they irrigate the parts of the physical body that they flow by and have also a effect on the blood flow. They are  the intelligence of the body, ‘body intelligence’. These airs are what is called chi, meaning Life or life-force. Acupuncture has mapped these airs in detail and learned how to make use of them............................. read more;

Horses: What is Not Equine Acupuncture?
Acupuncture does not involve injections. No substance is in the needles. Some people may use injections of Vitamin B12, Traumeel etc and call this acupuncture or aquapuncture but it is not acupuncture and will not work as acupuncture except is so far  as the insertion of a needle by itself will activate an acupuncture energy more

Anatomy, fascia, chi, and the Tao, in Equine Acupuncture.
I have a degree in Science. Western Science is still trying to catch up with what the Ancients knew, and brought down to us via Acupuncture.... Consider a recently dead horse. If you do the anatomy you will find all the parts there including the fascia. The acupuncture point LOCATIONS are still there. But there are no acupuncture points. You cannot feel them. You cannot do acupuncture on a dead horse. There is no chi. There is fascia but no chi, no more

How to get your horse’s hoofs to grow evenly with acupressure.
The horse has acupuncture channels which run down the leg. These all end near the coronet band on areas called ting points. If the energy in a channel is weak or blocked it does not allow the chi and blood to move fully down into the hoof. And then that section of the hoof does not get fully nourished with blood and so does not grow so well. This gives rise to hoof more

How to treat old scar tissue in horses.
This really works. And amazingly. It is a technique from the old-fashioned traditions of Chinese Medicine. I have seen it completely clear up the worst scarring, which looked like leather, in two weeks. I am not selling you anything. There is nothing to sell. Article presents a simple inexpensive method of treating even the worst scar tissue using moxibustion... read more

Acupuncture and Horses.
Entering more and more into established scientific knowledge is Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture. This forms a perfect polarity to our modern Western Medicine, and also to Homeopathy. The difference lies in their historical origins. In China over centuries and centuries there was a taboo against cutting up or dissecting dead bodies, and examining more>

Earth and Horses
Recently I had written about horses, how the earth comes up, then is given the Form of the horse, then this is endowed with a big heart, and a spirit.On the other side we can say:The Earth-spirit contains a horse (say Pegasus) that has sunk down into the Earth, taking with it, its heart, passion and spirit. The acupuncture points of the horse are points of movement of life-force and life-blood. These then have a reflection in the sacred places and dreaming grounds of Earth................... read more.

Acupuncture for Downer's Syndrome in Cows

Treatment of wound on horse with acupuncture and moxibustion
Wounds on horse have spectacular results using traditional chinese medicine more ..... or here

How to stop your horse going lame using acupressure

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